Decorating with Peach

Folks, it's time to bring peach back. It's had a bum rap the past two decades and most likely conjurs up images of bad 80's bridesmaid dresses, but this sunny variation of orange is ready for its comback. I just feel it!

I think I've always subconciously liked the color, but the liking turned into all out love when I lived in Chicago. I paid a visit to my local Salvation Army and found this gem of a chair, in perfect condition, for $25. I imagine it came from the parlour room of a lovely grandma and only saw use when company came calling. This chair became my favorite spot for morning devotions and Bible study and long phone calls with friends back home.

On the topic of peach, Jennifer Thoden from Decorating With Jen, says:

"When you add white to orange you get a peach. A rich peach to a subtle almost white peach. Using all these colors in this range will create a peaceful, tranquil interior design. It's also ideal for smaller rooms. Use a light peach on the walls. Add simple drapes with the same tint of peach. Have your chairs and couches in the same fabric as your drapes. And your area rug should have a nice range of soft pale peaches to rich peaches. Your room will be exquisite. Ground the entire soft palette with dark stained furniture... stay away from oak and light pine. Also consider using white as a fabric in your room... white pillows... white vases... white chairs."

Below are some shots of rooms that using varrying shades of our friend orange-- peach, salmon, orange sorbet, and apricot.

Photo courtesey of bisbee.co.za

Photo courtesy of Country Living

Photo courtesey of Deluxe Room

In November of 2008, Etsy spolighted a room in its Storque Blog that does a fabulous job of using whites, creams, tans, and a punch of salmon.

Photo courtesy of Canadian House and Home

The thought of thePeach/Salmon/Orange Sorbet or Apricot may seem like risky choices alone, but consider pairing them with some these colors:

Looking for peach accents? I've combed Etsy shops and online retailers for some new and vintage gems.

This salmon Flowerbud Lantern is on sale for $9.99 on PB Teen

Vintage California Double Leaf Dish by Etsy seller eclecticcurio $14

Audrey Hepburn Illustration by Etsy seller lakeillustration $19.00

Apricot Bird Pillow by Etsy seller persnickety home $13.95

Hand Crocheted Salmon Napkin Rings (Set of 6) by Etsy seller BouquetSpecialDesign $18

Peachy Keen Hoop Art Trio by Etsy seller Mostaza Seed (that's me!) $30

Champagne Peony Print by Etsy seller hadleyhutton $22.99
The Anthropologie Festival Rug

So, if you are looking for a new take on an old fashioned color, opt for peach and pair it with cocoa brown, pink, cobalt blue, aqua, or burgundy. You won't be disappointed!


  1. I love peach and brown! But these other color combos are great, too. Great idea!

  2. lovely peach post! i haven't thought about decoring with peach....thanks for the inspiration! also thank you so much for featuring my peach dish!


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