Laundrypalooza and a Giveaway Winner

Today was laundrypalooza. I decided to call it something fun to make my most loathed chore more enjoyable. A crazy weekend and Monday on the heels of a crazy week (and also some procrastinating) made for a clothes pile of epic proportions. Poor Collin had to wear chambray shorts to bed because all of his jammies were dirty and I had resorted to wiping up Killian's spit up with dish towels. Mom fail! 

So, today I put on my big girl pants (oh wait... those were dirty too), I put on my big girl leggings that I typically wear as long underwear when it's cold out and I did five large loads including sheets towels and diapers. They are now all done and almost all put away. I won't go into the boys rooms right now and risk waking them just to put the last load in their drawers, but man do I feel good. 

I tell myself that if my laundry room wasn't a creepy basement, if it had a chandelier in it or cool concrete countertops like this in it I'd be much more apt to want to spend time near my washer and dryer, but let's be honest. The novelty of my cute laundry room would wear off pretty quickly and I'd be back to loathing.

After letting it get this bad (and you may think five loads is nothing... especially if you have more than two children) I am determined to set a system in place. What works for you? Do you have a laundry day? I kind of feel like if I don't do a load a day, things spiral out of control. How do you keep on top of things in your home? I do so long to get better at it.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! Allie is the winner of the gold and white iPhone case. Message me via FB to claim your prize. Happy Tuesday everyone! 


Happy Weekend and a Giveaway!

Hi sweet friends,

Do you have much planned for the weekend? We always seem to do a lot of projects on Saturdays and then church on Sunday morning, a chili dinner with friends and small group on Sunday night. On Monday I'll be doing a stations of the cross type prayer night with the ladies at my church. I'm super excited. We have a great team of women behind each station and my husband is even helping by building a cross out of cedar. He is chiseling each beam by hand and when I asked why he didn't just use a saw he said, "It's kind of important for me to do it this way... It means something." Gah, I love him and his heart for Jesus.

I love this shot, even though it's super blurry:)

Since the fall Collin has been battling lots of ear infections, coughs, colds and now enlarged tonsils. I'm taking him back to the Dr. today because I finally got him to open up wide enough to look down his throat and his tonsils are so big they are almost touching his uvula. Poor baby! Our ped is most likely referring him to an ENT to discuss getting his tonsils out and tubes put in. Your prayers for him are appreciated. Have any other of you moms out there ever dealt with these procedures with a toddler? How did they handle it? You insights are appreciated!

Well, I thought it had been a long time since I'd given something away on here, so I'm offering up a brand new Mobillivng iPhone 5 case. It's a hard case with diagonal gold and white stripes and this particular style is discontinued. Super cute! If you are anything like me, your case takes a beating and needs to be changed out from time to time. Swap yours for this springy/summerish number!

To for entries, follow me on both my Instagram accounts:




and leave a comment on here that you follow in all three places.

Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, April 15th.

Good luck and happy weekend!



It's Swanderful

You know what I find beautiful? Swans. They are so graceful and pure looking and have a sort of vintage charm. I think they should be the next en-vogue animal for children's nurseries, toys and clothing. Or maybe not... maybe I don't want them to become trendy. Maybe that would take away their allure for me! Or maybe they already are trendy and that's why they have stood out to me. Oy... Either way, I love them and I think these shots will make you love them to.

Take a look at Ilona Jongepier's beautiful portfolio. 
She is such an amazing story-telling photographer!

(source unknown)

If you are interested in taking a ride on a swan boat 
and just so happen to find yourself in Japan, go to Lake Ashi.

Becca Stadtlander is one of my new favorite illustrators. 
Check out her work here.

Disneyland's Swan Boat in the 1970's.


Vintage Room Inspiration- Children's Books

These days I spend quite a bit of time reading to Collin. I love seeing his eyes dance when we read a new story or an old story that's new to him. One of his current favorite series is Richard Scarry's Busytown books. He's amazingly quick at finding the hidden Goldbug on every page. It's impressive. I can barely keep up reading because Collin is all too ready to turn the page and find another "Go-bug." Now that the boys' nap times and bedtimes are synching up, it's fun to sit on Collin's bed with
Killian on my lap and read to both of them at the same time before they go down.

Another favorite in our house is the classic Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman. Not only is the story adorable, it boasts such a rich, vibrant color palette. The other day I found myself inspirited to create a home decor scheme around the beautiful canary yellow, tomato red, mocha brown and vibrant teal. You don't see these colors put together that often in modern decor. 
Take a look at what I've come up with.

So I've decided to start sharing some more of my vintage inspiration for rooms-- be it from old postcards, advertisements, movies, product packaging... You name it. Stay tuned, friends!


9 Budget-Friendly Vintage Swimsuits

Hi friends!

Summer is just around the corner and I'm sure, if you are like me, the thought of swimsuit shopping or swimsuit donning is not-so-fun!

Well, I think there are a whole lot of cute, modest options out there these days with the awesome revival of vintage styles.

I recently bought a peplum two piece from Kingdom and State and I love it. It gives me enough coverage to feel comfortable in my post baby state, but also feels cute and flirty and modern. It seems more and more clothing companies are embracing the more is more concept and I, for one, am happy about that!

Check out this round-up of budget-friendly suits. They are all under $100.


And if you are up for a splurge.... this one is a favorite!


Mug Shots

I have to attribute this clever title to my dear, sista friend Robyn who recently took this awesome photo, with the caption Mug Shot, during a weekend in Orcas Island, WA. You can purchase one of these beauties at Orcas Island Pottery.

 It's also home to this beautiful treehouse. Swoon.

Anyhow, it triggered an idea for a blog post. I love mugs. Big mugs, small mugs, mugs that are borderline big tea cups. It's more than likely due to my great love of warm beverages-- coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider-- you name it!

My sweet friend from Atlanta, Jenny, and I used to have tea cup dates once a month where we'd load the babies up in strollers and go to Anthropologie to buy a tea cup (which was actually kind of a dainty mug) and have lunch afterwards. Sadly, our teacup dates only garnered us four cups, as we moved shortly after our tradition started. You can see the four floral teacups in the right side of my cabinet.

I've seen some beautiful mug collections on Pinterest lately and thought I'd share some of them with you.

I do so enjoy a good, french bottle rack!

You can see my blogger friend Lesley from Atlanta's bottle rack for mugs in her gorgeous kitchen below. Follow her, folks. You'll love her blog; it's one of my favs!

(Source unknown)

(Source unknown)

Hopefully this put you in the mood to drag out and display your mugs, brew something warm to drink or both!


Do You Know Your Color Season?

Hey ladies! Have you ever had your colors done? Have you ever been draped? Are you fluent in color palettes or is this concept foreign to you? Do you struggle with which colors look best on you?

When I was a teenager, I found my mom's copy of the book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson and became fascinated with the science of seasonal color analysis. In a nutshell, Jackson's theory delineates that everyone has a color season, based on the warmth or coolness of their skin tone. She argues that knowing your color season helps you to choose clothing and makeup, regardless of current trends, that best suit your complexion-- bringing out your natural beauty. This book was wildly popular in the 80's but the science of color theory can be traced back to Isaac Newton.

You may think the concept is a bunch of hooey, but I know from my own experience that there are colors that look absolutely horrid on me, causing people to ask me if I am ill, and other colors that garner compliment after compliment. It makes sense, I mean no one skin tone is the same and therefore not everyone will look good in the same colors.

Over the years, it's become a hobby of mine to mentally determine which season my friends are-- much in the same way I attempt to figure out everyone's Myers-Briggs personality type. I've gotten better at it and can honest-to-goodness figure out someone's season within seconds of meeting them. Please don't think I'm a creeper, but if I know you, I have probably already classified you as a particular season!

So, if this is unfamiliar to you or if you need a refresher, here is how you go about figuring out your color season.

1. Determine if you are a cool season (summer or winter) or warm season (spring or autumn).

Hands: Look at the back of your hands and make a fist. Do your knuckles have a yellowish cast or a blue/pink cast to them? Do your veins look blue or green? Chances are, if you are in the yellow/green camp, you are a warm season. If you are in the pink or blue camp, you are most likely a cool season.

Face: Look at your face without makeup. When you smile do you have a peachy glow (warm season) or a pink glow (cool season).

Hair: What about your natural hair color? Is it a cool brown or jet black or ash blonde? Then you are most likely a cool season. If your hair has a warm tone to it-- be it golden or strawberry blonde, red or auburn, or warm brown, then you are most likely a warm season.

Eyes: Finally, your eye color can also play a role in determining if you are a warm or cool season. If you have dark brown to black brown eyes, is there a warm or a cool cast to them? If your eyes are green are they a warm green or a cool green? If your eyes are blue are they more of an ice blue or a turquoise blue? Do you have flecks or rings of yellowy brown (hazel)? The presence of warmth in your eyes indicates a warm season, the presence of coolness indicates a cool season. Pretty straight forward.

If you are still unsure, go with the whichever category you fell into most-- cool or warm. If it's a tie, think of the colors that don't look good on you. Write them down and determine if they are largely cool or warm tones.

2. Determine which of the four seasons is yours. So, you have settled on being a warm or cool season, but which season, specifically describes your coloring? Typically if your natural hair color is lighter (blonde, light red or medium brown), you'd fall into the category of spring or summer. If you hair is dark brown, dark red, auburn or black and your eyebrows/eyelashes are dark, you are most likely an autumn or winter.

To drive things home, gather a mixture of warm and cool colored clothing in varying intensities and hold them up to your face. If you look best in warm, light colors you are most likely a spring. If you look best in warm, dark colors you are an autumn, if you look best in light cool tones, you are a summer and if you look best in dark/bold cool tones you are probably a winter.

Here is a simple quiz you can take to help determine your season.

Below I made breakdowns of each palette with some famous faces as examples.

Eyeshadow- Brousee by NarsNail Polish- Tomboy No More by Essie

If you are an autumn, it's best to avoid pastels, stark white and reds with a blue cast to them. Same goes for makeup. Steer clear of white or blue eyeshadows and pinky lipsticks as they will make you look sallow. If you want to wear blue, choose blues that have yellow in them, like teal. I'd like to point out Jenna Fischer in the line-up. In her role as Pam on The Office, she was often dressed in pastel pinks and blues-- especially at the beginning of the series. Do you remember how washed out and pale she looked? It's because she is an autumn and thrives in warm tones. Revel in the warm, dramatic palette of your season!

Blouse- Rhinestone Gal, Headband- Bando, Backpack- Herschel, Shorts- Uniqlo,
Sandals- Seychelles, Lipstick- Vegas Volt by Mac, Eyeshadow- Cream/Caramel by Nars,
Nail Polish- Geranium by Essie

If you are a spring, chances are your complexion is most likely fair. Don't wash yourself out with black, cool greys or stark white. Cream is a good alternative to white. Make sure to also pay attention to the shade of reds out there, choosing orange red over blue red. If you must wear darker colors, borrow colors from the autumn palette.

Earrings- Noonday Collection, Chambray Shirt- JCrew, Cluth- Kate Spade
Lipstick- Pink Nouveau by Mac, Nail Polish- Raspberry by Essie.

If you are a summer, try to avoid yellow, orange or warm beige. Instead, embrace the cool crispness of your season by choosing bright, blue-based tones. Make sure your makeup is made up of cool neutrals or pinks. If you must wear dark colors, borrow from winter's palette.

Dress- ModCloth, Necklace- Noonday Collection, Bag- Zara, Sandals- Toms
Lipstick- Russian Red by Mac, Eyeshadow- Mandchourie by Nars,

Winters can have a lot of fun being dramatic with their colors and fashion since their features are typically dark and strong. What ever you do, run away from mustard yellow, browns, oranges, beiges and muted, warm tones. You can pull off a strong, cool red lip and black liquid eyeliner, so rock it!

In conclusion, wearing the right season is largely about common sense. You know yourself best and chances are you already gravitate to colors that suit you, even if this is your first time exploring the concept. I am a spring and am forever drawn to fresh, bright, warm colors. Sticking to my color palette ensures most of my clothes and makeup match, taking the guess work of out shopping and getting ready. Since I know I look like death in black, I don't need to own black shoes or black bags to match black clothing. If I do choose to wear a color that is not in my palette, I try to throw on a scarf in my season to have a "good" color for me near my face.

I hope this made sense. Feel free to comment with questions or thoughts of your own. I have barely scratched the surface of color theory, so if you are interested in knowing more, check out this helpful resource.


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