Class Is In Session! Vintage Collegiate Fashion

I'm halfway ashamed to say it's been ten years since I graduated college and I still find myself wishing I had an excuse to go buy new notebooks and school clothes in September! Does anyone else feel this way? Something about the leaves changing and the air getting cooler makes me want to burry my nose in a book at a coffee shop or attend a lecture.

I've assembled a few retro, collegiate pieces to get us in the mood for fall. There is just something so timeless and cozy about these duds and I don't think you are ever too old to rock an ivy league inspired look. Unless you want to look like an extra on the set of Happy Days, which is most definitely not a bad thing, I'd wouldn't necesarilly pair all of this together, but a few, choice pieces will go along way in evoking that nostalgic, autumnal feeling!

P.S. Thrift stores are fabulous places to find some sweet, granny plaids, midi-skirts, nubby tweeds and peter pan collared blouses. Just be sure to sniff for eau de mothball before making a purchase!

Your homework: draw from scholarly yesteryear fashion for your fall ensembles. Class adjuorned!


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  1. What a lovely fashion house. I am loving the shirt here , will be look so nice and fashionable with my non iron dress shirts . The other accessories like tops , shoes and glass are also quite pretty. I am loving the collection of all the accessories here. Really so stunning and awesome.


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