Two Worthy Causes!

Hi people! As we head into the colder seasons, I find myself drawn to more soulful, introspective tunes. Do you ever feel this way? I mean, curling up with a blanket and a pumpkin-something doesn't quite evoke the Beach Boys. Our friends, Caleb and Erin Paxton of the group eine blume (eye-nuh bloom-uh) are, to me, the equivalent of a piping hot mug of cocoa-- rich, sweet and always a treat! 

They are raising funds to release their new album Farewell to Shadowlands: A Narnia Album. We first met the Paxtons at a house concert they were playing in Joplin. I am blown away by their musical talent, profound lyrics and beautiful hearts. Their music has been described as "an ascending into a warm, velvet-y fairytale." I would definitely agree with this assessment and am excited to be a part of making this music available to the public.  

Would you consider joining me in funding this endeavor through Kickstarter? Watch the video, take a listen. You will not be disappointedThey have only 70 hours to go-- let's give as much as we can to extend the reach of their fantastic sound and message!

We have some other really amazing friends (I mean-- wow, how do we meet all these talented people?!) who have developed a portable tornado shield called the Tuuli Armor. After surviving the 2011 EF-5 Tornado that hit Joplin, Steve set out to create a product that would be an affordable option to bridge the gap between no protection whatsoever and a costly safe room. In Steve's words,"We lived just four blocks north of where the destruction started, and we pulled a small mattress off my son's bed and laid it on top of us in the hallway. I realized that wasn't a good option."

90% of tornado injuries are due to lacerations and this bag, made of puncture resistant, ballistic-grade nylon, shields you from the worst of it. As Steve puts it-- "You have no control over the two by four coming at you, but a large bruise is much better than a two by four going through your body." I wholeheartedly agreed. The Tornado Shield can be kept at home or in your car.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign here, watch the video and consider supporting their fundraiser to mass produce the shield or, if you live in Tornado country, pre-order your very own!


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