New (Old) Items in My Shop!

The fun part is the treasure hunt, the not as fun part is pricing, photographing and editing the pics, and uploading them on to Etsy. However.... I am so excited to share some of the vintage gooddies that are now listed in my shop! I took these pics a few nights ago, before I started the cataloging madness (sorry the pic quality isn't that great... lighting was bad). I'll draw your attention to the lovable, vintage metal squirrel nutcracker and the funky, fun bouquet of 70's fondue forks!


  1. ooh how fun! Complete eye candy :)

  2. Oh I agree I love the finding part. The cleaning and posting..not so much.

  3. Sweet butter dish!
    FLY little squirrel nut crusher thingy :)

  4. I just stumbled upon these fun fun pictures! My daughter and I yard sale every weekend and then I take pictures of our goodies because I find it highly amusing.


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