Projects with Vintage Wallpaper

Does the thought of wallpapering a wall make you cringe? Have you just recovered from the 48+ hour project of scraping horrendous 80's country geese paper off your kitchen walls? There are plenty of beautiful, vintage wallpapers-- worth reviving in unexpected (and, perhaps, less permenant) ways.

I have a lovely roll of vintage, damask wall paper that I used to make May Day baskets for the ends of the church pews at my wedding last May (see below). Our wonderful florist and family friend, Mary, put the flowers in little beakers of water-- keeping them fresh and pretty in their wallpaper cones!

I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of the wallpaper roll, so I'll share some ideas I've found while seeking inspiration.

Framed Wallpaper Panels:

photo courtesy of House of Turquoise

photo courtesy of The Estate of Things

Wallpaper Lined Shelves/ Bookcases/ Cupboards:

photo courtesy of Fresh Vintage

photo courtesy of Fleur Avenue

photo courtesy of Pale Blue World

photo courtesy of Lovely Design

Vintage Wallpaper Switchplate Covers:

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

photo courtesy of Design Sponge

Wallpaper Memo Boards:

photo courtesy of Craft Evolve

Here are a few vintage and vintage inspired wallpaper swatches/rolls and handmade items made of wallpaper that are sure to please!

Vintage 1950's or 60's Wallpaper Roll from Etsy seller menzocollection, $49
1950's Prom Night Wallpaper Switch Plate from Etsy seller fondue, $12

Cincinnati is My Home Print on Vintage Wallpaper by Etsy seller visualingual, $50

Paintable Wallpaper - Ornate Tile from Target, $29.74

Vintage Reproduction Wallpaper from Design Your Wall, $98.99

14 inch Wallpaper Lampshade by Etsy seller drawflowers, $97

Leather Hare Silhouette on Vintage Wallpaper by Etsy seller louloudo, $20

Paeonia Wallpaper from Anthropologie, $148

Vintage Flocked Wallpaper Gorgeous Green from Etsy seller birdnestandpaper, $6.95


  1. Oh Stephanie! Thank you so much for featuring my flocked wallpaper! This post is a great tribute to vintage wallpaper! I love the framed pieces . . . I might do that myself!! Thanks, again!

  2. Thanks so much, Stephanie, for featuring my vintage wallpaper roll! And for introducing me to your wonderful blog. I most definitely need to do my own project with my wallpaper. Thanks for compiling all these great ideas! I especially love the memo boards.

  3. What great ideas! I've also seen some wonderful jewelry made with vintage wallpaper.

  4. Love those May Day baskets! I also love using old wallpaper I find at thrift stores as gift wrap. It looks great and is cheaper too!

  5. Jewelry and gift wrap! Great ideas, ladies. I'm going to have to try that!

  6. so many gorgeous ideas here! now, where to start...


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