Thrit Stores = Treasure

There is nothing quite as satisfying to me as uncovering a burried treasure in the bottom of a store bin, finding something ridiculously marked down because most people didn't see its mad potential, and discovering a cache of goods admist the shelves of junk at a local thrift shop or flea market. For this will happily put up with disorganization and funny smells!

I figure I'm not the only one that feels this way, so without further ado, I present my recent thrift store success:
Ladies and gents, this gem of a chair cost me all of $10. Some of you might think it's rather loud and worth less than that, but I love it! It's the perfect chair for our sun room. It was just begging to be used for a cozy reading nook by the window. A big thank you to the individual who dropped this off at the St. James Thrift Store in Marietta. You have made one woman very happy:)


  1. UMmmmmm that is AMAZING!! Our Lynnwood Thrift stores have NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! ugg.... lovin' your blog posts! Jsut catching up... i haven't read blogs in awhile.... congrats on yoru 200th etsy sale!! AMAZING!!!

  2. How cute! I want a pink reading chair for my office.


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