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I'm all form and my husband is all function. I think that's one of the reasons we are so good for eachother... All the talk of spring cleaning and getting our home in order for the summer made me think it would be a good time to blog about creative ways to organize your home with vintage items. I, for one, would like to eliminate as many dark, disorganized corners as possible in my house. Hooray for form AND function!

To start off, I need to display some of the most beautifuly organized, vintage inspired rooms I have 'er laid my eyes on (my organizations skills will probably never reach this height, but what's wrong with dreaming?):

Laundry Rooms:


Mudrooms or Entryways:




Vintage Organizational Ideas:

#1 Vintage Crates:

Add some casters to a vintage wine crate and voila! You have an attractive and easy to move newspaper recycle bin. source

Buy it here:
Rescued Vintage Primitive Wine Crate from Etsy seller materialexcess, $26

#2 Vintage Forks:

Not only are vintage forks cheap, they are also classic and charming. What an nexpected and fun way to keep important numbers and drycleaning tickets handy! source

Buy it here:
Valencia Dessert or Brunch Forks from Etsy seller tippleandsnack, $11.99

#3 Vintage Suitcases and Trunks:

Vintage suitcases are beautiful storage solutions. source

Why store your crafting supplies in plastic tubs when you could use vintage suitcases or trunks?
Make holsters for your glue gun, plyers, scissors, etc. Delightful! source

Buy it here:
Vintage Turqouoise Samsonite Suitcase from Etsy seller alpenglowvintage, $48

#4 Vintage Locker/ Wire Baskets

Easily access crafting supplies, toys, towels, magazines.... The list goes on! source

Buy it here:
Vintage Metal Wire Basket from Etsy seller thriftstore, $40

#5 Vintage Muffin Tins:

Drop a vintage muffin tin into your desk drawer to store paperclips, rubber bands, tacks, etc. OR
keep it out in the open to have vintage buttons, keys, or spare change on hand. source

Buy it here:
Muffin Tin from Etsy seller littleyellowdoor, $12

I'd love it if you shared your vintage organization ideas with me!


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  2. Great idea about the folders! I can't tell you how many magazines I've throw out, only to later wish I had saved a great DIY article. Thanks for the input/ encouragment! Now, back to my cleaning:( hehe!

  3. That pink laundry room is so charming! And the forks are sooooo fun. I have crossed spoons attached to an old hook that I use in my kitchen to hang aprons. Love it! Great finds- as always!

  4. Ooh, the crossed spoon hook sounds cute. Is it something an average person could make or would you need a welder? Thanks for the comment!

  5. Right up my ally :) Great inspiration!


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