Our Mid Mod, Mish Mash Living Room

I've always had a penchant for Mid-Century Modern design. Did you know that this style spanned three decades (1945-1965)? Its origins were a development out of Frank Lloyd Wright's principles. I had the opportunity to live in historic Oak Park, IL, for a few years, where his home/studio and several of his masterpiece houses still stand... Just blocks away from my old brownstone apartment. I have such good memories from my time in the OP!

The Mid-Century Modern style was made accessible as it was used to bring a fresh touch to homes built in post WWII suburbs. The look can also be seen in interior furniture pieces such as simplistic and sleek Scandinavian pieces and the work of the influential designers the Eames, after which the Eames Era was named.

I can, however, only handle so much of this look. I'm not a purist. I need some movement and detail or else things start looking too much like the Jetson's. I love pairing Mid-Century design with softer period pieces from the early 40's- mid 50's. I've done a BIT of that in our living room so far. This what we've come up with on a limited, newlywed budget! I'm actually thankful we don't have the money to buy all new things because then our home would be infinitely more vanilla and cookie-cutter:)

The rug and couch were free, so we worked around them. Nick picked up the chairs, funky lamps, and record console at an estate sale when he lived out in Fresno (good job, huh?) and the teak, mid century dresser is a $40 Craigslist find and our knick knacks are either heirlooms or thrift store finds. I've kept the color scheme pretty simple: Aqua, Rust, Oatmeal, Gold, and a bit of Navy to anchor the room. The paint color is Martha Stewart's Ice Melt, sold at the Home Depot.

Come on in and stay a while!

Our stairs are my favorite part of the house:)

This pic doesn't quite capture the charm of the gold lamp shade...

Our $40 Craigslist find. A beautiful mid century teak dresser!

This is a special vase. It was made by my Great Uncle Birger Åström, a well-known Swedish, ceramicist. He's really kept the whole mid mod look alive in his work.

We found this big empty frame with FABULOUS gold paint and loads of patina, leaned up against a dumpster. The only logical thing to then do would be to set our camera on a ledge and snap a pic in the frame:) We were engaged at the time. Gosh my hair was short!

The record console Nick picked up at an estate sale. I love estate sales. They are especially great when your style is "granny chic," like mine:) That's my husband's Raggedy Andy from when he was little. Can't be too serious in my decor;) Oh, and yes I've surrounded the candles in the hurricane vases with walnuts.

Thanks for your visit. Come again soon!


  1. those stairs are so cool! lovely pics. :)

    xo Alison

  2. I just came across your blog via Kimmay & love it (and am following now). Your living room looks great. I love the nook under the stairs with the shelving. I love mixing older pieces with modern.
    Have a great day!

  3. Love your living room! You are such a gorgeous couple!


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