Pink and Orange!

A few weeks ago I threw a baby shower for my friend Andie and her baby girl, Agatha Mae. Being a bit of a procrastinator, I didn't start on the decorations until the night before. Thankfully, at 1AM, I noticed that in my zombie-like state I had made a name banner that said "Agatha Eam." Whoops! A little adjusting solved my problem.

The colors were pink and orange. I think this combo is both sweet and sassy at the same time. What I most love is that it has such a retro feel to it... makes me think of Gidget movies and sorbet... Here are a few shots from the shower:

I guess I'm not the only one in love with pink and orange. I've found a number of room and event pictures to inspire.


If you are afraid to paint your walls orange or pink (although an accent wall would be a safe way to do so), consider adding punches of these tangy colors by way of Etsy.com and other reputable, online retailers. :-)

Doily Clock by Etsy seller andfurthermore, $28.50

Vintage Pink Glass Lamps from Etsy seller bellalulu, $38

For the Darling Chef/ Amazing 70's Floral Apron from Etsy seller haileyshandmedowns, $11

Circle Round Sheet Set from Anthropologie, $68- $268

Pink Milk Glass Creamer Circa 1960 from Etsy seller teaworkscottage, $8

Amanda Orange Placemat by Roberta Roller Rabbit, $12

Mid Century Orange Desk Lamp by Etsy seller amradio, $59

Laura Ashley Cerise Pink Tatton Wallpaper Lampshade by Etsy seller wallpaperlampshades, $26

Orange Low Ride Bicycle- Embroidered Bar Towel by Etsy seller cyanidestitches, $8

La Fleur Curtain Panel from The Land of Nod, $25 - $3

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  1. ahhhhh I love those Doily clocks by andfurthermore! I have been craving an orange or a yellow one to go with my living room! ! !


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