Headboards Galore

What better to rest your head against, while you devour that page turner, than a super spiffy headboard. Take in these beauties with me!

Swoon! I've made it pretty clear how much I love yellow... I also really appreciate this wingback headboard's lines and the juxstaposition of a modern bed in a more classic room (source).

Love this wall decal as a cheap trick for a headboard. It's designed by Savannah Collge of Art and Design interns and retails for $55-- not bad for such a dramatic result, eh?

My eyes are watering, but it's like driving past an accident on the highway... I just can't not look (source)!

Can't spring for one of these lovelies? Neither can I. Here is a fabulous Apartment Therapy feature on DIY headboard projects that, with a little elbow grease, can produce the same look for much less!


  1. oooh lovely! Our tiny bedroom could never spare the room for an actual headboard. Instead, I painted my own canvas and put three small mirrors around it. Not exactly an actual headboard, but a nice focal point above the bed! I LOVE the colors in these photos (And that dog is adorable, btw.)


  2. Love love love that first red embroidered headboard! Swoon!

  3. Wow, these upholstered headboards are stunners!


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