An Ode to Swedish Modernism

Did you wake up to this on Google and wonder what it's all about?

It's in celebration of Josef Frank the, Austrian-born, architect turned Swedish designer's 125th Birthday. Frank produced over 200 patterns between 1909 and 1950, defying contemporary sensibilities by offering a welcome contrast to the linear, grid-like restrictions that defined modernism (source). He was a lover of botany and this clearly translated into his designs. Today, his famous textiles decorate homes all over the world and he is considered one of the founders of Swedish Modernism. Above is one of his famous pieces, The Vegetable Tree, arranged to spell Google.

Josef Frank

Perhaps you recognize some of his designs... They are so brilliant!

Vegetable Tree

Josef Frank wallpaper


One of Josef Frank Textiles, stretched on canvas (source)

Recognize any of these Josef Frank textiles on Anthropologie chairs?

 Unfortunately, his coveted fabric is upwards of $200 a yard! Apartment Therapy has some alternative suggestions that won't break the bank here. Here are a few Frank inspired items that will deliver without sending you into bankrupcy. Check 'em out!

Josef Frank Inspired Serafina Roman Shade for Pottery Barn, $71

Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fabric from Etsy seller scarletpoppe, $7.50/ yd

Ikea fabrics are always a great option for around $8 a yard! (source)
Vernal Cusp Rug from Anthropologie, $78

Pink and Damask Paisley 16" Reversible Pillow Cover by Etsy seller cleoandclark, $15


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