Chandalier-ee, far from Dreary!

Last month in Seattle for my friend's wedding, one of the pre-nuptuial events was a bridal party meet and greet. It was held a a nifty, new Seattle oyster bar that is owned by friends of the bride and groom called The Walrus and the Carpenter and it boasts this alluring chandelier:

A quick shot of some of us b-maids with the gorgeous bride, Jennie, fourth in from the left.

SO, I was inspired to seach out other stunning chandeliers and I was not disappointed!

I'm wondering if I'd be capable of A. making something like this and
B. not burning the house down! (source)

This is the Songbird Chandelier that Anthropologie sold at one time... And here is another,
featured on Urban Comfort:

Anyone know where I could find the lamp shade base like this?

I'm inspired to create a funky chandelier of my own now!

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  1. Alll so fun. I love the paper but have the same reservations. I definitely like the spoons.


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