All Wound Up! Spool Decor at its Finest

If I had written the tune "A Few of My Favorite Things" for The Sound of Music, spools would have most definitely been an item included in the song... along with Nutella, wedding mints, acorns, marbles, and foreign currency, but that's for another post...

How utilitarian and cute are spools of thread, ribbon, twine, yarn, etc? They can hold such rich colors and textures and yet look equally dignified all empty and stripped down. I think I actual start to salivate when I look at this picture below. Perhaps someday I will open a dry goods store... Sigh!

Consider using vintage spools as decor items in jars or baskets or for fun, Christmastime crafts!

Love this DIY for spool wall pegs! (source)

Baker's twine, brilliant! (source)

Vintage spool trees (source)

Crazy cute color starburst spool wreath! (source)

Spool tree (source)


  1. i used to work in a paper shop that sold ribbon by the yard like that. it was my favourite thing to see them cascading down the wall - SO pretty!

    i love the baker's twine in the bell jar. loveliness all around!

  2. Awesome ideas. I should try one of these. I have tons of spools.


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