Well, my business (yes, I actually saved a lot up) bought us an iMac for Christmas and we are really, really loving it. I keep telling people that the last time I owned a Mac was in 1994 and it was my parent's and it wasn't all that amazing... For the first day or two we felt like we were using lefty scissors, but figuring this thing out, has been amazingly easy. It's just so intuitive! And it allows me to get so much work done, so quickly!

Here are some lovely shots of me eating a banana that I took in Photo Booth. Now you know what I look like and where I sit when I'm blogging. If you've had a Mac for a while, you are most likely unimpressed, but I keep finding all these awesome features and need an outlet to share!

Okay, I'm done gushing for the day!

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  1. i bought a macbook four years ago and don't think i could ever go back to a pc - they're so lovely and efficient!

    congratulations on your new baby!


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