From Cookie Cutter to Like Butter- Room Makeovers on the Cheap {1}

Welcome to the start of a new series of posts called "From Cookie Cutter to Like Butter." These posts are designed for folks who have identified their space as needing help, but don't quite now where to start and fear taking risks. 

Each week, I will use a photo of a vanilla room and give it a virtual makeover, of sorts, by suggesting changes that would take the room from bland to grand?

Now, there have to be rules because the goal is for people who identify their space as being blah and are on a budget, to be able to take these ideas and run with them, if they so choose.

Rule #1. No makeover will amount to more than $1,000 (before tax and shipping)

Rule#2. All suggested changes will be easy to find online or in a local store

Rule#3. Is more of a request. In order for this series to grow, I need you, dear readers, to send me photos of rooms in need to help. You can send them to: mostazaseeddesign@gmail.com. Thanks!

So, we'll kick things off today with a room in need of a little help:


The color of the walls is a bit blah, let's kick it up a notch by painting it this color:

Persian Mellon (117) by Benjamin Moore, $33.99 a gallon.

Measure your square footage before heading to the hardware store to buy paint and pick up primer if you don't already have some in the garage. For the sake of this example, we are going to use two gallons of the interior paint, bringing our total, so far, to $67.98.


Seeing as how the floor is tile, rugs are key in warming up the room and defining a space in an open-floor concept home. The rug we have now is nice, but it could be bolder.

3x5 Festival Rug from Anthropologie, $268

A little splurge goes a long way in bringing life and comfort into a once dull room.

Total spent so far: $335.98


I love the Chesterfield sofa and the rocker, nearest to us, is decent. Let's swap out the easy chair and ottoman, whose floral pattern is a bit dated, with this:

Ikea Solsta Olarp Chair, $69 
What a steal!

Metal Accordion Side Table, $49 from Urban Outfitters

Adorable Danish Modern Coffee Table from Etsy seller andrew908, $100

The modern lines of this chair and coffee table balance out the curves of the Chesterfield sofa.

Total spent so far: $553.98

Accessories and Art:

Now the fun part begins! Our goal is to give this room a lived in feel and to choose pieces that look as if they have been collected over time, not in one shopping trip. I'm partial to vintage, but a few vintage inspired pieces in the mix will do the trick as well.

Pom Pom Cord Drapes, $69 each from PB Teen

Since we already have so much going on with the wall color and rug, I wanted to stay light with the curtains and keep the room airy and bright. The pom pom fringe is delightful!

Birdcage Hanging Lamp from Urban Outfitters, $98

The sidetable is small and we want to leave space for a drink or a knick knack, so a hanging light is a great way to light up the room without taking up table space.

Now, on to the walls!

Above the sofa:

Vintage Pulldown Map of the USA from Etsy seller atouchofvintage, $125

Off to the right side of the room:

Industrial Salvage Building Letter from Etsy seller monikersincorporated, $9.75
Scour flea markets of Etsy for large letters. Spell something out or just use one! This "O" would be great for the Osbourne family.

Illustrations from Vintage Magazines from Etsy seller TotallyOldAdds, $4.95
Hit up Etsy or a local antique shop for vintage books and magazines. Frame the pages
for a super cheap and super cute piece of art for the walls.

And let's not forget pillows for the sofa!

Round Pintuck Pillow from Urban Outfitters, $32

Take your current pillows and give them new life with cushion covers:

Volumes in Rose Pillow Cover from Etsy seller MintDesign, $18
Love the Anna Maria Horner Fabric on this one!

Square Tiles Glacier Blue Modern Pillow Cover from Etsy seller ModDiva, $12.95

Grand total: $992.63

So, for about $1000 you can take a room from cookie cutter to like butter!

If you would like your room to be featured and made over in the next "From Cookie Cutter to Like Butter," please email me photos at sbradac@mostazaseed.com

Have a great weekend!



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