What I'm In The Market For...

When it comes to furniture, I'm sure many of you are like me and do not have the budget to pick something out of a catalog and have it shipped and assembled on whim. This can, at times, be frustrating, but it does force me to be creative and always on the alert for items with potential at Goodwill, on Craigslist, or at a granny estate sale.

So, without further ado, I present to you my long term wish list:

A vintage china cabinet that is narrow enough to fit in our dining room. I have a whole set of lovely china from our wedding and a bevy of retro cake stands just itching to be displayed! Alas, they will remain in boxes, nestled in their newspaper cocoons, until I find the right home for them.

Nightstands for our bedroom. I have paid our bedroom only a fraction of the attention I have given the rest of our little farmhouse. I'd really prefer not to go buy crappy mdf side tables at Ikea, so I will wait until the perfect little set (or even mismatched pair) with character pops up. My husband hates me even mentioning that I want to paint real wood, but I think he'll get over it if the nightstands are cheap enough;)

A new Sofa. There's pretty much nothing in our house, furniture-wise, that we've spent over $100 on. In fact, the great majority of our items are hand-me-downs or estate sale finds. Go us! That being said, when we are ready to purchase a couch we will probably not go vintage. Why? Well, vintage is great for accent furniture and side chairs, but nothing beats the comfort and durability of a modern sofa. I've hunted down a few models that have a nice vintage look without the smell and discomfort factor;)

So, in a magical world, I'd stumble across these beauties in a bargain basement...

Love the Anson Sofa from Room and Board!

Azure Sofa from Crate and Barrel

Greenwich Sofa from Pottery Barn

Ahh, isn't the internet fun for window shopping? What's on your wish list? Maybe I'll come across it the next time I'm thrifting and can snag it for you! Just leave me a comment with a few links!


  1. You're in ga, but I'd looooove to have a chesterfield sofa for our new home. :)

  2. I always say that anyone can order new furniture, but not everyone can see the potential of upcycled, or vintage and preowned pieces.

    All of my favorite pieces are ones that I have rescued and refurbished through the years.

  3. i have a similar nightstand problem. . . i LOVE that little white number up there!

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