Gasp! Painted Hardwood Floors

Is this look a serious no-no or a serious yes, please?

I love it, but have a hard time believing my husband would ever go for it. The sacrilege! Beautifully restored hardwood floors are so classic, but who says a little lipstick is bad?

You decide...

Source, Better Homes and Gardens print edition.


  1. That looks amazing! I love it! :)

  2. Stephanie, I think painted floors are great!!! My husband and I are planning on laying a cheap plywood floor in our beadroom - to make it look like a laid wood floor and then we are going to paint the floor with watered down white or gray paint. I am thrilled he is going to be doing most of the work and over at Frugal Farmhouse they have done it before...I am so excited it about getting it done!!


  3. omg! that looks amazing!!! im not brave enough to do it tho! LOL

  4. some homes from the late 1800s have painted hardwood floors, usually turquoise. apparently they did it to show off that they could afford paint! lol so fancy! :D

  5. Carrie: I would love to see pictures of the finished product!
    Alicia: Awesome tidbit! Funny how now paint is the cheapest way to transform a room!

  6. I think they are perfect if done right and appropriate for the house. That first pic is awesome though!


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