Itching for Spring- Peach and Aqua

Anyone else out there just desperately wishing, hoping, waiting for Springtime to come? I'm thankful that the warm makes its way to us much sooner now that we live in the South, but that doesn't stop me from anxiously desiring it now!

I recently came across I post from last April with pictures of our little farmhouse in full Springtime bloom and it gave me hope!

Here's what I'm loving for the Spring:

Peach and Aqua!

Wanderlust Fringe Necklace- Dawn by Etsy seller ayofemijewelry, $58

Peach Brulee Buscheta! Here's the yummy recipe.

Lotus Dinnerware from Anthropologie

Summer Breeze Cotton Dress by Etsy seller aftershowershop, $40.50

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