Mid Mod Kind of Saturday

Lately I have been loving the gorgeous giclee prints of Inaluxe.

I wish they made these ten times bigger so we could hang one above our new sofa...

I forgot to mention that many a Craiglist search paid off! We found this beauty for a steal! It's from CB2 and was in perfect condition. It had only been used by its previous owners for three months! The color is pewter and the fabric is so nice and velvety.
I'll be sure to post pics of the new living room reveal! For now, new sofa is in the sunroom, patiently waiting for old sofa to find another home.


  1. thanks heaps Stephanie - so lovely of you to feature our work. Have a super fun week! xo K

  2. I love your blog!!! Keep it up Stephanie! your become one of my favs! I love all your posts from "back in the day" especially about Mod kitchens/Decor! That is such a "rage" right now among the young folks ;-)

  3. Thank you Danielle! It's always a nice shot in the arm to know that people actually read this and that I'm not just posting randomly into cyber space!


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