We're Moving

Hey friends! Well, the time has come to trade our 1920's farmhouse for a modified 1940's bungalow. My husband has a wicked commute to work and it only makes sense to move closer, especially now with baby on the way.

We found a splendid little house that is a mile from his work in downtown Norcross, GA. It's fabulous! He'll be able to trade in rush hour traffic for a morning and evening bike ride AND come home for lunch some days!

We'll be sad to leave our wonderful little community here in Marietta. Our church family has been such a gift! Now, it's our prayer that God allows us to keep in touch with old friends and connects us with a new community. We know He's in this, so it only makes sense that He would take care of the rest...

In the meantime, I'm needing some extra encouragement to get my packing on!

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  1. I'm so glad you found a place! We're moving tomorrow!! How great it will be to set up your nursery while making the move. You will have to kick-start your nesting instincts! Love ya, happy moving!
    Rachel H.


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