Secrets to an Effortless, Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen

It's hard not to love the effortless look of an industrial farmhouse kitchen. In my tenure as a lover of said style, I've come up with a few common denominators that will help your kitchen evoke less of a cookie cutter and more of a "like butter (freshly churned)!" look. 

Disclaimer: This is my interpretation of the industrial chic/ farmhouse kitchen "look" and is therefore a bit more infused with color and vintage elements than other, more minimalist interpretations of the style.

#1. A Reclaimed Barnwood Table and/or Kitchen Island (or something similarly rustic)

You are looking for something that can handle wear and tear with grace. The more scratching, smudging and scuffing, the better! 

2. Mismatched Chairs! Go for various shapes, sizes, colors and materials. An option would be to do mismatched chairs on one side, and a wooden bench on the other. If it feels too disjointed for your sensibilities, consider matching, neutral chair pads.

3. Utilitarian Lighting. Consider bringing outdoor light fixtures inside! You could spend some serious money at places like here and here, but check out this sweet Home Depot option for a fraction of the price!

4. A farmhouse sink! Lovely, lovely, lovely. Perfect to roll up your sleeves and scrub a pot or get a painting project off your hands.

5. A a vintage statement piece. This could be a vintage fridge, a salvaged sign or galvanized storage shelves. The sky is the limit. Many of these items seem impossibly expensive, but I'm convinced that a bit of yard saleing, thrifting, rummage sale sifting, and craiglisting will soon yield me a statement piece without breaking the bank!

I've come very close... I found an awesome vintage refrigerator a few months back, through word of mouth. A lady was trying to get rid of her mother's old appliances and was willing to sell it to me for $70. It was aqua and chrome and super charming... Only problem, it worked for about 10 minutes and then went kaput, at which point she was willing to give it to me for $40. As swoony as it was, I just couldn't justify bringing home a broken fridge!

6. The right accessories. I, for one, love to fill spaces with junk! When accessorizing an industrial farmhouse kitchen, however, excessive tschotskes are to be avoided. The key is for everything to feel useful, gathered over time, and interesting. These are the items that will warm up, an otherwise sterile style.


  1. This list is absolutely awesome! I love the look of industrial farmhouse kitchens. I have slowly been converting my kitchen, one piece at the time. It was really helpful seeing all of these items put together in a neat tidy list.

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to see pics of your converted kitchen!


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