On Nesting

Hey y'all. I've been a bit of a blogging dead beat lately. Blame it on the relentless heat and me being nine months pregnant. Besides drinking water like a crazy woman (to keep my ankles from swelling), what have I been up to?

Well, let's just say I have come to the understanding that the nesting instinct is for real and it plays itself out in odd ways. Most recently it manifested itself in a frenetic laundry room cleaning blitz, but can also be blamed for banana bread baking, shower curtain bleaching, obsessive categorizing of baby clothes by size, and a full day's worth clean up of all computer files for my business.

Another way I feel I have been extra "nesty" is finally getting around to printing out and assembling more invitations and save the dates for my graphics portfolio. Here are a few samples and here is where you can send your engaged friends to buy from me ;)

Coming soon... The nursery reveal!

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