Vintage Awards

It's been awhile since I've featured some current fav's from Etsy. This week I've decided to hand out some awards to fellow sellers of vintage and vintage inspired wares... A well deserved pat on the back/drool session over their incredible finds and products.

The Back to School Beautiful Award goes to...
Ifindubuy for this minty fresh Vintage School Clock, $36.99

The Mid Century Marvelous Award goes to...
TalesofTime for their fabulous Aqua Toleware Lampshade, $25

The Upcycled Style Award goes to...
WeartheCanvas for their super sweet Detachable Collar made of vintage fabric for $28.
Yes, please!

The Illustrious and Industrious Award for exhibition of
fantastic industrial chic qualities goes to...
Vintageseventyfive for their super sweet Vintage Postal Scale, $38
I've seen a number of vintage scales, but none this old (1912) and substantial looking.

The Fun-in-Functional Award has been given to...
CopperAndTin's lovely Vintage Shield Shaped Key Rack, $75
Can't you just see this gracing the wall of a mid-century motel on Route 66?

And finally, I've got a baby boy on the way (any day now!). Maybe it's just the South's influence on me,
but I cannot resist the cuteness of this retro styled bow tie!
The Vintage Inspired Award goes to...
MeandMatilda's Black and White Bowtie for Little Boys, $19.99


  1. I just came across your blog because I noticed a couple of views in my Etsy shop stats! Just wanted to say thanks so much!!!

  2. You are welcome, Jene! I love your shop!


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