Our baby is here!

On September 12th at 3:36 PM we welcomed Collin Gabriel into our lives. He weighed 7lbs, 9oz and was 21.75 inches long. He boasts some ridiculously long legs, big hands, big feet and the sweetest strawberry blonde hair. We are loving getting to know our little monkey man! He's just so precious.

Labor and delivery was very fast and easy... Remarkably so. My water broke at 7AM and by 3:36 PM he was in our arms. All in a day's work! I pushed for a total of 30 minutes. Guess he was eager to get a jump start on life outside the womb!

We find ourselves just staring at him non stop. Even though I'm not getting much sleep these days, I wouldn't trade momma-hood for anything. He truly is a gift from God!


  1. Welcome Collin so nice to meet you! Congratulations Mommy and Daddy he's beautiful~Blessings Kim

  2. beautiful mama you are!! Collin is one blessed baby boy!

  3. Congratulations! And many years to happy family! :-D


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