What Can Brown Do For You?

I love the color brown. It's warm, comforting and evocative of chocolate fondue or a comfy, worn-in leather chair. Maybe that newfound crispness in the air is getting to me, but I'm ready for fall and all the yumminess it brings.

I like the idea of using brown with unexpected color combinations-- steering clear of pairing it with other earth tones and instead juxtaposing it with teals, mints, citrons and pinks. Seems fresher that way.

All these brown colorscapes made me think of UPS trucks and how awesome it is that the company hasn't changed its colors or done much to change the look of their fleet of bubble-nosed vehicles in over 50 years. Hats off to them. Does anyone else dislike the fact so many companies/sports teams/brands change their colors or overall look to be more modern? Keep the old, I say! I don't even follow sports, but really enjoy it when teams wear their throw-back uniforms (all the men reading this are breathing a collective, exasperated sigh). Maybe I'm the only one who has such passionate feelings about color...

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. Read more about the evolution of the UPS truck here. Happy Wednesday, mes amis, it's all downhill to Friday now!



  1. I also love brown, we have a dark chocolate brown accent wall in our living room that we painted before we moved in to our house, and 5 years later I still love it. Love the brown walls in your first pic!!

  2. I had dark brown in my room at one time.I loved it with red and tan but have moved on these days.Looks great! ~Chow Kim


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