Friendly Strangers-- Decorating with Vintage Portraits

Remember my $5 thrift store find? I ended up naming her Millie, thanks for all the suggestions! She's still reading. That book must be hard to get into. I've since moved her to our dining room/kitchen wall. I kind of imagine her eavesdropping on our dinner conversations. 

Another amateur portrait, I'm particularly proud of finding at my local Goodwill, is this Spanish lady. She sold in two days for quadruple the price I paid and is now getting back to her roots in sunny, Southern California.

Country Living, in a decorating for Halloween article, showcased a wonderful, semi-creepy portrait of a bride-- creepiness courtesy of an added construction paper mask. I'm not really a fan of creepy decor, but even without the mask this woman must look ominous.

Check out these rooms, replete with friendly strangers:

I'm now thinking Millie needs a few friends to keep her company. Here are the contenders:

Toddler with a spray tan?

Sad or spacing out?

Particularly fond of the brooding 1920's gal in the lower right.

This woman looks a little like a  young Judy Garland.

By far, my favorite!

What do you think? Yay or nay on adding a friendly stranger to your walls?

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