What We've Been Up To...

Well, the weeks have started to pick up speed and it's crazy to think we've bee in Joplin for almost three weeks! Nick is loving his new job and he wouldn't say this, but as his wife I can brag on him a bit say they are loving him too. Who wouldn't? :)

I miss our friends in Atlanta and Trader Joe's and have the worst hankering for a homemade milkshake or smoothie which is impossible without our blender here. I know, first world problems!

Our closing date got bumped to "on or before the 29th of March," whatever that means! Oh well, there's nothing like learning patience. In the meantime, we've been exploring our new town as much as possible. I think Collin and I have visited five or six different parks! Anything to keep the little man busy.

I've also found some awesome gems at a few local thrift shops and a big, vintage Mother Goose book that has seen better days, but will be awesome for making framed prints to go in Collin's room. My inspiration, here.

Yesterday we visited a really great church and can't wait to go back. We are seeing God weave together a great little life for us here. He knows what we need better than we do.

 Vintage Mother Goose

 Puddle jumping

Thriftastic! I'm in love with everything brass these days...

 Bath time, sporting a big boo boo he got chasing a ball :(

 Finding Squashing lady bugs in the field across the street

Admiring these awesome, old-timey PO boxes!

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