Today is the Day!

The movers are coming! I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. Too much on my mind. We officially get to move in and I am so excited. I know unpacking will be a job and a half, but this symbolizes the end of limbo life. The end of living in temporary housing and schlepping Collin's Pack n' Play back and forth so he can nap while we work on stuff at the new house and the beginning of really, truly living in Joplin and not just feeling like we are on a weird vacation. 

I am thankful.

For all who were wondering if we ended up getting the clawfoot tub, I present to you Bessie Mae, our cast iron beast of a glorious tub. Adopted this weekend from Pea Ridge, Arkansas. She's a beaut! So worth the trip and the $200. We'll need to strip and repaint the outside (a fun color, of course), so for now she's hanging out in the garage, awaiting her makeover.

Here is a verse I read this morning that greatly speaks to me:

"If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice, I’ll go to sleep each night trusting in you. Point out the road I must travel; I’m all ears, all eyes before you." Psalm 143:8 (MSG)

Have a great week friends! Hopefully I'll be able to emerge from unpacking world to show you some cool shots I took of our 1930's basement stairwell art.




  1. Well i love your sweet Bessie Mae! She is a beaut for sure, if slightly heavier than the average new arrival! So excited for you all finally getting to settle in! Hope it all goes well dear Stephanie!

  2. Oooo how exciting! I love that tub! Good moving- luck! :)

  3. Wishing you many happy memories in your new place.


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