Striped Floors

I'll soon be posting an update on our upstairs bath. It's getting closer and closer. If we had hired out the work, I imagine we'd be done by now, but my sweet hubs is doing it all himself when he gets home from work at night and on the weekends. A few weeks ago he decided to slow down a bit so that he could devote more of his free time to us and, although I really can't wait to have that bath done, I've so loved just taking it easy with him and the kiddos on the weekends.

Of course, my mind is always thinking of ideas for our next project. I'm not sure when we'll do a full kitchen renovation... it may be a few years out, but that hasn't stopped me from gathering inspiration!

What do y'all think of striped floors? I'm seriously crushing on them. I think they would be so pretty in our galley kitchen, making the room look larger. I already know I don't want tile or ceramic floor. I'd like to do linoleum or Marmoleum-- a softer choice for your feet. Plus, striped floors give the effect of a striped rug without the worry of dirty foot traffic! Take in some of these pretty pics from which I have drawn inspiration.

(Source unknown)

(Source unknown)

(Domino Magazine)

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