Eyebrow Raising- Bumbling My Way to a Highbrow Existence

I'm told when I was three years old my mother found me crying in the mirror. When asked what was the matter I tearfully told her "I don't have any eyebrows!!!" Ah, well, when you are as fair as I am, visible eyebrows are illusive. They are even more illusive after a few sunny, summer days in the garden.

I have friends who have the opposite problem-- feeling if they don't keep their thick, dark brows in check they might just take over their face. 

I'm ashamed to admit that in the not-so distant past I succumed to a makeup artist at a salon who told me brow tinting would beautifully define my face. She even offered to do it for free with a brow wax. "Sure!" I said. "Why not?!"

I'll tell you why not. In just minutes I looked like Groucho Marx. I ran home and scrubbed and scrubbed to no avail. Nick came home and blurted out, "What happened to your face?" It was feeling all too much like the scene from Anne of Green Gables when Anne was told by a peddler she met on the road his dye would turn her hair "A beautiful shade of raven black," but instead transformed her hair into a green tinged train wreck.

So, I learned my lesson. Oh vanity of vanities!

I've just always admired good, strong brows. Take Brooke Shields, for example. Her name is almost synonymous with beautiful, eye defining, face shaping, natural brows. They aren't perfectly manicured, but there is clearly some definition and upkeep taking place with these beauties.

Other beautiful brow examples-

I'm sure I'm not the only one who fell into the 90's trap of over plucking. Thankfully, pencil thin brows have come and gone and more natural shapes are en vogue.

Eyebrows just have so much power to alter your face. Here's a funny chart of brows gone wrong. Have you been guilty of any of these shapes? I know I have! I once plucked such a high arch that I looked constantly surprised.

(source unknown)

Since my brows are so fair, I can get away with a brow wax every few months and only have to tweeze once a week or so for upkeep, but if your brows are thicker and require more work, that could get expensive. Here is a good rule of thumb guide for brow tweezing. 

This chart below helps to identify good brows for your face shape:

I was once told that, regardless if your brows are dark or light, filling them in with some brow powder makes them look more polished and neat. My mom turned me on to this brow kit and I can't say enough good things about it. It comes with a stencil, which is so helpful in evenly applying the powder. It's a bit on the pricey side, but you truly use so little in each application that I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever have to buy a refill.

So, how about you? Have you mastered a good look for your face or are your brows a source of consternation? Any tips or ideas to help a sister out?

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