Peace in Faster Seasons

I am in the midst of a busy and sometimes chaotic season full of amazing things like developmental leaps in both my sweet boys, increased business and exciting, new projects with my graphic design company, co-planning a fall church camp, being a part of the launch of a new women's ministry at our church, finishing and starting lots of projects around our old house, leading a small group in the fall, supporting my husband as he works and takes a theology class, trying to workout more, spending more time in prayer as a couple, seeking out friends in whom we want to invest and the list goes on. Whew!

This season is also full of "fun" as Collin seems to do his best to un-do everything I do. He's all boy-- silly and playful and an absolute explosion of activity at.all.times. The house can start out spic and span in the morning and by the time nap time rolls around, I am scratching my head, wondering how things devolved so quickly! Add Killian's new-found mobility and penchant for plants, cords, the tiniest, most microscopic crumbs and who-knows-whats under the fridge and I am constantly on the go, trying to stay one step ahead of things at home.

It's still blazing hot outside, but the rhythms of autumn have already begun and we have recognized that the only way we can be fully present in all of these things without seeing our marriage, family time and relationship with the Lord suffer, is to be purposeful and organized.

We recently spent a week in Chicagoland with Nick's family and coming off that wonderful week of fun and relaxation, we decided we were ready to get serious about prioritizing what is important. At the end of the day, when the boys are tucked in and we tiredly flop on the couch, it's easy to flip on Netflix and veg. There is nothing wrong with this from time to time, but we have continued to come back to the reality of where we are, where we want to be and what it will take to get there.

So, we sat down and made a weekly schedule of sorts. Chores are spread throughout the week so that things don't pile up for one day or a weekend. Household repair/fixer-upper projects are reserved for Saturdays. Specific nights are blocked out for me to workout while Nick studies or Nick to workout while I do design work. I am mustering up as much strength as I can to wake up when Nick wakes up to go to work, at o'dark thirty, so that we can pray together. Not surprisingly, when we pray together the day goes smoother. Friday and Saturday nights are set aside for relaxing and date/family nights. It's important to know that there is still room to just hangout as a couple and as a family. I think that is one of the only ways our new routine will be sustainable.

What about you? Are there ways you stay organized and on top of things? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! I don't consider myself to be super organized by nature, so I'm in need of some of my more structured friends to share hints and tips to a smoother, more productive routine.

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