Homage to Laura Ashley, with a Twist

It's starting to feel like spring and that makes me think about sunshine and flowers and baby chics (over the top, I know, but don't stop reading yet...) AND Laura Ashley curtains blowing in the wind. I think what I have always loved about the Laura Ashley line is its unabashed femininity throughout the decades. She made homey, soft, floral, comfy, sweet designs...

I distincly remember my favorite outfit in 3th grade was a faded jean jumper over a floral blouse with a lace collar and a pair of brown leather ankle boots. I was really hoping I looked like a Laura Ashley model (my early 90's feathered, poofy bangs probably didn't help, but a girl can dream!). In the spirit of the late, great Welsh designer, I have compiled a few room inspiration shots. They all incorporate vintage elements, femenine touches with a punch, and current LA products. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of House to Home

photo courtesy of UKTV

photo courtesy of Idealhome

And now for some vintage Laura Ashely and Laura Ashley inspired items to pick up for your home!

Floral Fifties Cushion by Etsy seller darkbluebell, $25

Retro Merry and Bright Metal Shelving Unit from Etsy sellr oldcrowfarm, $50

Vintage Popcorn Chenille Bedspread from Etsy seller jolleytimeone, $65

Biography of Laura Ashley by Martin Wood on Amazon.com, $30-$40

Hazel Atlas Crinoline Tea Cup and Saucer from Etsy seller jaditekate, $21

Damask Wall Hoop by Etsy seller mostazaseed (me!), $15

Petite White Chest from Etsy seller vintagehomeandgarden, $185

Vintage Paint by Numbers Canvas from Etsy seller blackcreekeclectible, $49

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