La La Lamptastic

Hey everyone! I've been sort of MIA in the blogosphere for the past few days. We painted our sunroom and living room and it looks delightful! Pictures are on the way! I'm inspired to spend next weekend creating and recreating lighting with vintage lamps and upcycled materials. Below are some of my recent sources of inspiration...
Click here to find out how to make a vintage-style cork lamp.

Amazing bowl lamps, read about how to make your own at Country Living.

I can't get over the cuteness of these vintage teacup lamps from Domestic Construction.

These LOVELY hanging pendant lamps were made out of vintage tea tins! Read about it here.

These beauties are made entirely from paperclips! Check out Redesign Technologies on Etsy.

Design Sponge did a DIY article on Mason Jar Lanterns a few years back. Read how here.

And, of course, there's always the good old miracle that a can of spray paint and a new shade will work on an old, tired lamp. Read the DIY article here. Now it's off to light up our world in creative, new ways!


  1. love it all! you are amazing! is the last lamp yours??

  2. those tea tins are soooo beautiful! i wouldn't want to cut them to make the shades, even though they look so lovely.
    and the shade on the last lamp is great too!


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