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Lately my eye has been catching homespun quilts, cheery florals, mismatched furniture, and kitschy folkloric knick knacks. This quote, I believe, sums up the look:
"The word "bohemian" once referred to a lifestyle, but today it tells the story of a type of interior decorating in which vintage items are reused, giving them new life next to new pieces. It's also about mixing decorating styles full of intricate patterns, textures and rich colors set against a more neutral color palette. Nature is always brought into the room with plants or candles that provide a dusk-like glow. Bohemian decor is always original, showing passion and ingenuity while reflecting back, in part at least, on the 1920s and 1930s (source)."
A few things to consider, when aiming for a bohemian vibe:

1. Mix and match furniture- As counterintuitive as that may be, a room cannot be matchy matchy and bohemian at the same time. Break yourself of the need to coordinate and you'll be well on your way to becoming a boho chic decorator extraordinaire. Paint an ornate, old dresser cobalt blue and pair it with a lemon colored mid-century modern chair, a white wicker nightstand and a brass bed. A few modern pieces like a clean lined mirror will help bring the room together and ensure that doesn't end up looking like a rummage sale.

3. Make sure to bring in a few international souvenirs from your travels or grandma's house like a Swesish dala horse (as pictured above), an Indian sari, and a Pourtuguese paper mache rooster. Cost Plus World Market sells wonderful hanging Moroccan lanterns.

4. Mix colors, patterns, and textures. This will help to bring balance to a room. A good blend of natural colors and fabrics with rich and deep florals will make your room pop. Magenta or turquoise paisley pillows paired with vintage feedsack pillows will look divine.

2. Feeling like you can't quite achieve the laid back, folksy vibe? Bring in elements from nature. Mount a large piece of drift wood over your fireplace or sofa, boost your indoor plant collection, and hang your necklaces from branches.

Here are a few shots that inspire me. What I most enjoy about these rooms is that they are totally workable and prove that you don't need to build a tent in your living room to snag that vintage, boho vibe!

I always have trouble spacing pics on the wall. Grouping them closely and randomly solves that dilema!


Time to channel your inner-gypsy and get your folk on with affordable items from online retailers and Etsy sellers.

Drink Happy Vintage Decorative Glasses from Etsy seller objetpepita, $16
Amy Butler Fabric Floor Cushion from Etsy seller branchandbirdie, $72

Vintage Turquoise Pyrex Bowl from Etsy seller soniesuellc, $12.50

Mantadia Curtain from Anthropologie, $228

Bamboo Birdcage from Etsy seller sweetshorn, $78

Vintage Wool Rug from Etsy seller topsydesign, $265

Vintage Matyroshka Dolls from Etsy seller thelostandfoundshop, $8
Cage Hanging Pendant Lantern by Etsy seller mostazaseed, $28

Retro Lime Laundry Basket/ Table from Etsy seller reclaimthethrone, $175

Vintage Hankies Bunting Garland by Etsy seller poppylarity, $45

Rustic Orange Enamel Tea Kettle from Etsy seller the cottagecheese, $24

3 Legged Stump Stool/ Plant Stand by Etsy seller bearpawrustics, $35

Cross Stitch Magnets by Rice dk, $5

Vintage Funny Bird Shaker from Etsy seller youareyou, $12


  1. Fabulous post! Although my taste skews a little modern, I love incorporating folk art and mid-century cottage style, so I suppose I'd call my taste a kind of bohemian. Thanks so much for including my tea kettle. So happy to find your blog!

  2. So many beautiful treasures and such lovely use of color!
    Thank you for including my Floor Cushions
    I look forward to reading your future posts.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it really meant a lot to me. I love this online community and the support, encouragement and enthusiasm everyone shows.

    I absolutely love this post! This is my style indeed. You found some great pictures and fab. etsy pieces. I'm going to save them for some style inspiration!


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