Great Plate Walls

I enjoy plate walls imensely. They look stunning in ANY room, from bedroom to living room, to dining room.

This is actually wallpaper! Find it here.



So, where would one find such beautiful plates? Anywhere! Thrift stores, Ebay, yard sales, flea markets, Marshalls, antique malls, Target, Gradma's attic... The best part is that you only need one of each type! Also, don't be afraid to mix up shapes, sizes, and textures. Bowls are definitely acceptable and round tin trays are a great complement to a wall full of ceramic dishes.


I recommend hanging up your fancy finds with adjustable plate hangers:

They are easy to find at your local craft shop and some can even hold up to 30 lbs!


Disc plate hangers that can be purchased here and affix easily to the back of your plates.


You can arrange you plates in any configuration imaginable! There are no limits! Just be sure to know where you will be hanging each plate BEFORE you start affixing or nailing. I have learned that lesson the hard way-- too many times! A great (and safe) way to play around with patterns is to number each plate, cut out paper models (true to their size), and tape them up on the wall. Then you'll be free to experiment with different configurations. Once the paper cutouts are where you'd like the real plates to go, nail the paper to the wall, rip the paper off, and hang the plates! The pic bellow does a much better job explaining the concept...

Here are a few of my current favorite Etsy vintage plates and non-vintage plates... Ripe for the picking!

Stangl Colonial Dinner Plate from Etsy seller surrenderdorothy, $22.99

Antique Dinner Plate from Etsy seller ameeliabedilia, $9

Wax-Work Dinner Plate from Anthropologie, $7.95

Gorgeous Vintage Red Rose Dinner Plate from Etsy seller vintagegoodies, $7.50

Small Bird Plate from Etsy seller hellovictory, $12

Chippy Great Smoky Mts. Vintage Plate from Etsy seller mamabstrunk, $5
Chef's Choice Plate Set from Modcloth, $14.99

Two Vera for Mikasa Cocktail Plates from Etsy seller modandpop, $32

Hazel Atlas Pink Crinoline Dinner Plate from etsy seller jaditekate, $10

5 Tiki Vibe Mid Century Plates from Etsy seller beppiebags, $16.99
Scenic Dessert Plates from Anthropologie, $12

Vintage USA Pottery Plates from Etsy seller tisburylane, $15

Melamine Bird Plates from French Paper, $9

Personalized Monogrammed Plates by Etsy seller aedrieloriginals, $45

Vintage Scalloped Floral Plate from Etsy seller morningloryvintage, $3


  1. Wow- I always thought that plates on the wall was too "grandma" ish or old fashioned... but some of these are like modern art! Love it!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for including one of our plates and I have really enjoyed reading all about this plate feature.
    I posted another really long comment elsewhere on your blog - I think it was when I was reading your profile. I been checking out the sources for over an hour and then checking out their blogs also.
    I know you spent alot of time doing this feature and it shows!
    Brenda of JoyAnna and MorningGloryVintage

  3. I actually own one of the plates you featured! I love hanging plates but I never thought of hanging them so that they overlap. I love the photo in the kitchen above the small stove. When I get to Alaska, I am so doing that. Thanks.

  4. thanks for the bit about configuring! GREAT tip about taping true-to-sizes on the wall. too many times I'm loving design ideas but have NO clue how to implement them! thanks :)

  5. Sarah, thanks for the comment! I checked out your blog and your photography is beautiful! I'm always needing extra tips when wanting to do a new design or decor piece. I can't always just look at a picture and know how to implement the look either!

  6. LOVE this post! We've been wanting to start a plate wall for a while now, but the Megan 1/2 of us is so klutzy we're afraid we'll break our pretties. Maybe we'll have to boarder our walls with them so that they will be too high to run into!

    Megan & Jake


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