Yellow? Yes Please!

Last night we had the Doughty's, our wonderful friends from church, over for dinner. I made lemon sorbet balls for dessert and fogot to take a pic before they were all eaten up, so here's an example of what they looked like! If you are wondering, they are super easy to make. Cut a lemon in half, empty the fruit out, and scoop some lemon or lime sorbet into the emptied peel. Use the small side of a cheese grater to scrape a little lemon rind off the bottom (it gives the lemon a flatter bottom so it won't tip over) and sprinkle it on the top. Freeze and enjoy with gingersnap cookies. The perfect summer treat!

It got me thinking how I've always been a big fan of the color yellow. Depending on the shade, it can be soft, sunny, peppy, or sophisticated. I was even tempted to have yellow bridesmaids dresses in my wedding last May, but then went with robin's egg blue dresses and yellow flowers and accents.

This year, the happy shade is all over the runways and the home trend of pairing yellow with dove grey is white hot! I'm a big fan of yellow with cocoa brown, yellow with fuchsia, yellow with coral, and yellow with aqua (my blog is proof).

Here are a few vintage inspired rooms that exhibit walls, furniture, and miscellaneous pops of delightful yellow!

So, as you can see, you don't have to paint a room to make yellow the focal color. Pops of maize, goldenrod, canary, butter, and citron will help you achieve the desired look. Ready for some pops of yellow? Here you go. You're welcome:)

1960's Chrome and Yellow Chair from Etsy seller lifeinstages, $25

Pair of Mustard Vintage Table Lamps from Etsy seller atouchofvintage, $42

Vintage Yellow Daisy Tablecloth in Vinyl from Etsy seller thequeenoffre, $8

Oval Yellow Windsong Floral Clock with Pendulum by Etsy seller theredbungalow, $45

Take Me Anywhere Suitcase Pillow by Etsy seller olive, $45

Vintage Rotary Telephone in Butter Cream Yellow from Etsy seller thequeenoffre, $25

Cast Iron Skillet in Lemon Yellow from Etsy seller nerdnest, $42

Spiral Vine Curtain in Ochre from Anthropologie, $98

Minute Egg Timer by Mirro from Etsy seller applejar, $11

Vintage Yellow Floral Teacups from Etsy seller binspiredvintage, $12

Vintage Patchwork Quilt from Etsy seller healthyhomefabrics, $125

Vintage Table Metal Stand from Etsy seller bluebonnetfields, $72


  1. oh how lovely!
    we'll celebrate your cheery blog on our facebook page!
    thanks so much,
    diana & victoria

  2. Thank you for the blog love! I'm flattered. :) I too shall have to put up a link here on my blog.

    Thanks again!

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  3. This is such a bright and happy post! I love that everything matches your blog :)

    Thanks so much for including us!

    Megan & Jake


  4. My favorites are the vintage mustard and golden almost greenish chartreuse yellows. I used a beautiful 'Celandine' yellow to paint my apartment and I swear it glows at night ;)

  5. What a great collection of cheerful yellow goodies! I especially love that cute suitcase pillow. Thanks for featuring my vintage floral teacups. I will surely share your wonderful blog with my fans and friends!

  6. Good Morning,

    awe...shucks...thank you for all that sunshine

    your blog is beautiful. Thank you for included me yellow phone and daisy tablecloth.

    Have a wonderful Thursday

  7. i love yellow so much. that bath tub is so amazing, i think that is jesse and whitneys from our labor of love!

  8. Yes, the clawfoot bathtub is my favorite! I just checked out the Labor of Love blog. D-vine!

  9. Ok this is just getting weird. I also have that first image (yellow framed wallpaper) torn from a magazine and in my idea stash!

    My sister served as my maid-of-honor and wore a yellow dress. Our colors were coral and yellow.

  10. Hayley, that's too crazy! I think we have very similar styles:) AND I love yellow and coral as a color combo... so fresh and warm!

  11. I just decided to try and make a shower curtain like the white one above, covered in ruffles! So crazy!

  12. Hey! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog.. I am adding yours to my google reader! This post was so happy to look through, gosh I want to buy everything! I especially love the quilt and the anthropologie curtain.

  13. HOW cute!!! i love all of the yellow... since it's raining in the ATL right now, it's a little dreary, but glad some of the ugly yellow pollen is disappearing!

    can I borrow your idea for lemon sorbet? I'm throwing a bridal shower and would love to have these as deserts! Lime ones maybe for us!

  14. Hi Sarah! Borrow away! It's such a fun and easy dessert:)

  15. I looooove yellow! My favorite is the Ikea linen cabinet. I have the matching dresser. I wish I had room for both!! <3


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