Doily Beloved

Today's post is all about doilies and how much I love them... It's just that simple:)

Doily Runner source

Handmade Mega Doily Rug by Etsy seller ladiesandgentlemen, $600
I don't forsee being able to afford it during this decade, BUT it's so beautiful!

Doily and Cupcake Liner Banner source

Orange U Sweet Bag by Etsy seller spottodesign, $60

Doily Pillow tutorial

Lacy Doily Screenprinted Moleskin Journal by Etsy seller cozyblue, $9.50

Doily Tins tutorial

The Cloisonee Cottage Curtain by Etsy seller whitedoily, $110

Red White and Blue Doily Bag by Etsy seller meplusmolly, $42

Paper Doily Garland source

Doily Clock by Etsy seller andfurthermore, $28.50

Doily Bowl source

Dainty Doily Wall Graphic by Etsy seller ellynelly, $32

Doily Votives source

Jello Print by Etsy seller mrsloaf, $14

Doily Wedding Decor source

Doily Coasters by Etsy seller uncommon, $14

6 Coral Gables Doily Cards by Etsy seller beauideal, $10

Orange Doily Earrings by Etsy seller bluefishhandmade, $20

Vintage Doily Garland by Etsy seller anemonecomms, $38


  1. I love doilies too. The runner in the first pics is great -- I love that it makes the doilies look so much more modern. That would be super easy to do.

    And I REALLY want to try and make one of those big rope doily rugs. Do you know anyone else who has tried it? Who might have a DIY?

  2. Love it all! especially that chunky floor doily!! And those curtains... I see a project in my future :) thanks for the inspiration


  3. I bet my grandpa could tell you everything you need to know about doilies ;) love you!

  4. Cute! Have you ever seen Dottie Angel?
    if you love doilies you will surely love her stuff! She doesn't have anything in her shop right now - but check out her sold items!

  5. The doily will rise again! Glad you like my Jello print, and thanks for the mention.

    House of Loaf

  6. Thanks for featuring our Doily Rug!!

    For you DIY-ers. The doily rug will be featured in Meg Mateo Illasco's upcoming book,"Crafting a meaningful home" with DIY instructions. The book which be released in the Fall! Can't wait!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oops - Let me say that again - Thanks for posting my doily cards. The post looks fantastic! ~ Beau Ideal Editions

  9. I am totally in loooove with your blog!!! I am going to start following you because you have the best inspiration photos and I just don't have time to lurk the internet finding all this great stuff with my baby crawlin everywhere all the time! I seriously dig your style. I may come up with some cool ideas from all the stuff you have on here.

  10. Jean, congrats on the upcoming publication of your DIY article and blueeyedfreckle, thanks for the encouragment (to everyone, really). Come back often!


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