Tick Tock, Tickity Tock

Anyone listen to DC Talk in the early nineties? Yeah, I'll admit I played the heck out of their tapes and even had a poster on my closet door:) If you are totally lost, the title is a line from one of their songs:)
So, I saw a tutorial today on making book clocks and it has me all inspired to look up clocks made out of other everyday objects. What better way to upcycle and stay on time?

Love this vintage tray, made into a clock! source

This clock by Umbra is made of teacups and saucers.
It would be easy to make. Any advice on what type of glue would hold best?

The creator dismantled a small travel clock to make this clever ticker. source

Yellow Flower Plate Clock by Etsy seller storytimeclocks, $28

Embroidered Woodgrain Clock by Etsy seller blissinateacup, $39

1969 Buick Hubcap Clock by Etsy seller 8milecreekdesigns, $45

La Villajoyosa Spanish Clock by Etsy seller laalicia, $38

Cute wood clock. source

Vintage Door Knob Clock by Etsy seller halfpastclocks, $62

DIY Embroidered clock. source

 Vintage Silverplate Tray Wall Clock by Etsy seller royaloakcottage, $45

Chalk Clock Chalk Clock by Etsy seller woodstockclocks, $28.50


  1. How clever! I think the woodgrain embroidery clock is my favorite.

  2. Love them all! Thanks for including my silverplate tray clock in such a great grouping. :)

  3. That flower plate is FAB! I love vintage dishes!

    That tea cup one is amazing too - I would probably try a 2 part epoxy for glue after lightly sanding and cleaning the areas to be glued with an alcohol. If there's a way to clamp them down while the glue sets it would also help make it more secure. I would actually have thought of drilling and using bolts but since you see the bottom of the cup I guess glue would be the only option. The lighter the cups the better:)

  4. thanks for adding our shop! cute blog!
    Dirtybirdiesvintage @ etsy

  5. These clock ideas are great! Thanks for sharing :)


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