Vintage Style Children's Rooms

My marketing job is on a school calendar and so I have summers off. This summer, I thought I would be a great idea to take a nanny job and make some extra cashola. It's been a lot of hard work and a lot of fun so far. I'm watching a set of three year old twins (boy and girl), a five year old girl, and sometimes helping out with a newborn baby boy. Needless to say, I'm quite tired by the end of the week. Hats off to 24/7 parents!

I just have to share some of the funny things they say (through tears), when I *gasp* put them down for their naps. "Mommy!!!!" "Daddy!!!" "Athena (dog)!" "Grandmaaaaa!!!" "I not tired!" "Open the door!!!!" "My fwoat (throat) is broken!!!!" and other random, contrary expressions like: "I'm nothing!!!" "I hate the horse book!" and on and on. After a few minutes things get quite and I take a peek in their rooms to find they have surrendered to their exhaustion-- totally cashed out, asleep.

Having no children of our own yet, it feels funny to write a blog post about kid rooms, but there are just so many adorable options out there and many of you, my dear readers, are parents... perhaps needing a bit of inspiration in that area. So, here are a few pics of lovely rooms and fun ideas:

Cover of "Children's Rooms Stockholm" by Jeu de Pomme. How cute is the vintage baby pram?

Fun vintage ring toss games! I think vintage dart boards would also look stellar in an older child's room. source

Oh this is a room after my own heart. Love these colors and the hoop wall art! source

Vintage flash cards and pages from vintage books (framed or hanging on a clothesline, as pictured) source.

"Bonne Nuit," so sweet. source

Very clever! Amanda Soule, of Soule Mama, found this armoire on the side of the road and tacked fabric to the inside where it was missing glass.

Great room for a tween girl. source

This alpentine bedroom is so cute! Love the 70's wall mural. source

Great vintage knick knacks! source

 Doll quilts on the wall make this room so homey and cute. source

Here are a handful of vintage and new products to adorn your kiddo's space:

Baby ABC Flashcards (5x7, set of 26) by Etsy seller prettylittlestudio, $19.99

Antique Tootsie Toy Truck from Etsy seller philopatry, $12

1950's Vintage Kids on the School Bus Illustration from Etsy seller divinedebrisvintage, $8

Aqua Dresser from Etsy seller poppyseedliving, $525

Vintage Linen Nursery or Boy's Room Curtains (8 panels) from etsy seller mostazaseed, $45

Vintage Bowling Pins from Etsy seller sweetshorn, $34

Child's China Toy Tea Set from Etsy seller clairemarie6, $175

Wooden Whale Pencil Holder from Etsy seller kupandsaucer, $15

Marionette Pillows by Ferm Living, $40

Doll Dress Curtains from Land of Nod, $25

Large Owl Pillow in Blue by Etsy seller katedurkin, $30

Vintage 1962 Magnetic Paper Doll from Etsy seller lindapaloma, $12.99

Vintage Deer Planter (Pencil Cup) from Etsy seller jollytimeone, $24.99

Whoopsie Daisy Chandelier from Land of Nod, $119

Retro Wheel Fabric from Seam Star 2.85 British Pounds per 1/4 meter


  1. Thank you for adding me to this list. Its very nice!! Melissa

  2. Super cute! Love the classic kids touches- so pure and simple and far from the over jazzed new stuff :)

  3. You are brave to take on such a job!

    I love that goose lamp! I also have to tell you, I have that alpentine bedroom image in my idea stash as well! I think if we lived in the same town, we might end up being good friends!

  4. GAH! Such a cute compilation! I love the mini quilt wall and little red stove behind the girl in the first photo!

  5. lots of great ideas! I love that alpine mural - we had exactly the same kind of murals in my old high school (I used to think they were the nastiest thing ever! How my sense of aesthetics has changed:)
    ps I can tell why you love that third picture - it has the same color scheme as you blog:)

  6. Great photos! I love those owls. I have an 8 month old baby girl and I just designed her nursery in a style I'm calling "vintage modern". I live in a modern NYC apartment so I have to work with what I've got. I just did a post about my inspiration to my mood board to finally photos of the end result. Check it out at http://www.themommyproject.com/2010/08/project-nursery.html.

  7. I love the Ferm Living cushions! I featured them on my blog also!

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