Patriotic Pretty

I have just made my 200th sale in Mostaza Seed's Etsy shop with 100% positive feedback. Woohoo! I'm thrilled about reaching this milestone!

In other news, Fourth of July is just around the corner. I'm dreaming of strawberry rhubarb pie and blueberry pie, and well... any flavor of pie I suppose:) Back to rhubarb, I want to plant some in my garden, but wondering if now is a good time to do so. Maybe it's too late for this year or maybe it doesn't do well in these parts (I live in Georgia and it has been summerlike for almost three months now). I'll have to do some research. If you have any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'd like to share some of the festive shots and items that have me craving pie, of course:)

Vintage 4th of July Napkin Holder, DIY here.

Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie, recipe here.

Perfect overnight bag for the 4th weekend from J.Crew, $36.50

Corn on the Cob Cupcakes from the book Hello Cupcake! How clever and cute!

A great DIY bottle toss game! source

Vintage Red Imperial Mark XII Camera from Etsy seller backpedalvintage, $38

Quick Cheese Fondue recipe and 14 more
yummy appetizers from Sunset. My mouth is watering!

Spring Bag by Etsy seller loveanddream, $30

Constellation Prize Dress from ModCloth, $64.99

For the guestroom! Vintage Chenille Bedspread from Etsy seller 2nuttygirlz, $75

Champion Jute Linnen Sneakers by Keds, $45

Check out this sweet DIY to make festive pinwheels.

Cheap and utilitarian 5 Gallon Galvanized Drink Bucket, $14

Vintage Plastic BBQ Apron from Etsy seller goodandplenty, $6.50

Love the colorful mix of paper lanterns. No need to be matchy-matchy! source

Vintage Little Croquet Set from Etsy seller accessoryaddiction, $32


  1. oh my those Keds are awesome! Gotta go check them out.

  2. I know! They would look so cute with a sundress or some tailored shorts!

  3. These picks make me think of two words: cute and yum. And congrats on your Etsy success! Now where can I find one of those corn on the cob cupcakes immediately? Is there some magical genie who can deliver one to me right now?

  4. Thank you for feauturing my bag in your beautiful blog! :) xx


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