Jell-O, nice to meet you... Again!

When did Jell-O fall out of good graces in American society? One of my favorite desserts is still Green Jello-O Salad (made with pineapple and cottage cheese), or as my Swedish grandma calls it in her thick accent "Green Yellow Salad." What is more nostalgic, colorful, and fun than this congealed treat? My prediction? It's the new "cupcake."

I think this quote from Victorian Bellanger (The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn), writing for the Kitchn, sheds some light on it's past, present, and future:
"Once celebrated as "America’s Most Famous Dessert", Jell-O has fallen from favor since its heyday in the 1950's. This often misunderstood treat was once the medium of the creative post-war housewife to make inventive meals and desserts, but it has since been relegated to ranks of hospital food and fraternity party Jell-O shots. However it need not be this way."
That's what I'm talking about! Did you know that there are entire Jell-O Mold Contests? Check out this video. The artistry is amazing:

So, you can see that it's not only tasty, but also graphically interesting and fun. Here are a few recipes along with some vintage and modern jello paraphernalia:

Champagne Tangerine Jello Recipe

Jello Assortment Bib by Etsy seller gnorasaurus, $10

Vintage Lamb Gelatin Mold from Etsy seller goodlookintreasures, $10

A few weeks ago, I featured Etsy artist MrsLoaf's print to highlight the doilies, but it's quite fitting
to bring this lovely piece back for an encore.

Applesauce Raspberry Gelatin Mold Recipe

Vintage 1950's Turquoise Jello Ring from Etsy seller pinksaguaro, $18

Upcycled Recycled Jello-O Mold Light by Etsy seller bootsngus, $35

JELLO Magnets by Etsy seller pinksweetie, $8


Small Heart Jello Molds from Etsy seller Txalteredart2, $2.50

Apricot Cream Jell-O Recipe


  1. I too think molded Jello salads are due for a comeback. They are so pretty! My mom and aunt were talking a couple months ago about how good Tomato Aspic was (and quite fancy, must have been a lot of work to make it). I'm not sure I'm ready for the savory molded salads to make a comeback though...

  2. Haha! Yeah, no ham jello please!

  3. Stephanie, as a young child in the 50's I can confirm the fact that Jello was a popular treat. I loved the colorful tasty desert. In fact, I still do! Your video shows that it has come a lo..o...ng way! Thanks for posting my lamb mold. (Perhaps because of you, it sold!) I'll have to try to add a few more.


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