Dot Garlands

After graduation, a group of five of my dearest college friends and I lived in an old house in Wallingford, a funky little neighborhood of Seattle. We hosted many a get-together, book club, party and Bible study. The house was poorly insulated and three of us shared an upstairs loft as a bedroom, but there was never a shortage of good cheese and coffee and laughter! 

At Christmastime we decorated a tree a la "we're poor recent college grads" and my friend Robyn taught us how to make dot garlands with red circle labels from the office supply store. The only other thing you need is fishing line. Just stick one label on one side of the string and another on the other side, sealing the stickiness and delivering maximum impact. No glue required! It takes awhile, but the end result is gorgeous and whimsical-- almost as if the little dots are floating or hovering on your tree!

It's a total Martha Stewart idea, but I'm sure someone came up with it before her. Behold (see below)! So lovely and easy. The best part is that when you pack away your ornaments, you can easily save the garlands for next year's tree by taping one end down to an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube, winding it up, and taping the other end down!

I think the look is adorable and it's not just for Christmas trees. Below are some more dot garlands made of felt, fabric, and paper.

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