We've Moved In!

Sorry for the interruption of blogging flow, but we've been quite busy getting ourselves moved into our new house. I affectionately call it "the Bungalow," which it kind of is. It's a 3 bedroom 1948 renovated charmer, within walking distance of Nick's work and historic, downtown Norcross. There is even a fantastic park with tennis courts, a walking trail, and pool down the street. I think baby and I will be spending lots of time there next summer!

If I were to take a picture of what this place looks like right now, you'd tell me to get back to unpacking, so I'll give you a teaser of photos, taken before we moved in. Stay tuned for a full house tour once we're all settled.

Behold our little bungalow! The front porch has a ceiling fan! Perfect for sipping sweet tea on a hot summer's night.

 Looking into the living room from the kitchen/dining room area
 The office (pretty similar to the other bedrooms... you get the picture

 Looking out the back door from the laundry room

 In love with the appliances, wishing we could paint the cabinets white, but won't complain because the landlord will let us paint the walls! Yes, that's a wine cooler.

 Nick's favorite feature? The covered garage to do projects in!


  1. The house is awesome! Congrats!

  2. Que disfrutes de tu nueva casita, querida estef

    con cariño desde málaga

  3. congratulations on your new home!

  4. Congratulation on your new home, it's so very charming! Can't wait to see more! Take your time with unpacking momma!

  5. this is adorable! can't wait to see pics after you've decorated!


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