Sneak Peek...

So, we're getting there. Not totally unpacked, but about 75% done. I present to you this lovely shot of our un-finished, chaotic living room. Oddly enough (because I could have totally seen myself finishing this room first), it's going to be the last thing we wrap up. Stay tuned for a full house tour once curtains and pictures are up!

Other news on the homefront, my fabulous mother-in-law is making our baby's crib bumper and skirt. I'm really, really excited!

The plan (as of right now) is to decorate the nursery in aqua, orange, and yellow. That's "the plan," but really the nursery will be a sort of vintage-mish mash. I want to stay away from getting too matchy-matchy or themed. And, this way we'll be keeping all the major items pretty gender neutral and reusable for future bambinos. P.S. We find out if it's a girl or a boy on April 18th!

She has tasked me with selecting three fabrics and here are my top choices right now:


  1. I really like the blue...but then it is my favourite colour...second pick would be the yellow. How lovely that you have a fantastic mother-in-law...so do I...aren't we lucky!!


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