Boomerang Tables and Baby News!

Hey friends! We were really excited to find out we are having a boy! Bring on the snips and snails and puppy dog tails! Baby boy sure has been kicking up a storm this past week. It's all starting to feel so real!

Here are a few shots of us celebrating the news at our favorite, local Thai food, Thai Star.

And here is my official 20 week shot:

In other news, the living room is almost done. Just a few more final details, but I wanted to show you our fabulous curbside save! I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when we first drove past this boomerang coffee table. Thankfully, Nick saw the potential. I love it so much! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but who else owns something like this? I mean, come on!

Fyi, we used Behr paint in Elephant Ear Gray.

And here is our living room in progress! We also found a sweet piece at Goodwill that will soon be our TV stand, but it's still in the garage, waiting for a good sanding and painting.

I'm liking that it's turning out to be sort of a mid-century mod/ bohemian mix!


  1. congrats!!! that is so exciting!

    and I love your boomerang table. there is something so fulfilling about redos -- and yours certainly is a cute one.

  2. congrats! you are TOO cute pregnant! i was a total wreck. i felt just as bad as i looked! bahahah! oh well, it was all worth it!

    anyways, i wanna let you know that i'm having my very first giveaway on my blog!!! so, if ya wanna... check it out! :)

    AH i love yo living room! its so rad, or should I say retro! haha Your awesome yay for creativity!

    <3, Molls

  4. Thanks for the tips on boomerang tables. This type of vintage painted furniture can really change a room. Not only is it a great conversation piece, but it adds to the style of the room as well.


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