Rug Woes. Do you have to let it linger?

This story starts out quite nicely. I was perusing the wares at the local Goodwill, a place I frequent, when suddenly I saw it... Unassumingly rolled up, partially hidden by another rug. What's this? A 9x12, wool, beauty of an area rug in a sweet rusty red/ burnt orange color. What? No stains? No permanent marker artwork, courtesy of a four year old still in time-out for the atrocity? Nothing wrong with it except for a small fraying corner, which could easily be tucked under furniture? This can't be!

It looked familiar... Where had I seen this rug before? Ah, yes! Right here, in the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog for a cool $749, said in my best Robin Leech voice ala "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

So, I played the preggo lady card and had the wonderful staff load it into the back of my car after paying a mere $50. I was so excited! First, I thought it could go in the nursery. A perfect rug for baby to play on! Upon getting home and measuring said nursery, it was clear that, unless we cut the beautiful thing down, the entire room would be engulfed in rug-dom. So, the next best spot for the charmer was the living room. When Nick came home he helped me get it out of the car and we rolled it out on to the hardwoods. A quick vacuuming and I was ready to behold its beauty!

Here's where things take a turn... It stunk! We're talking about a majorly bad pet smell. Not really pet urine, per se, but definitely dander of some sort. Arg! Why did I not notice this before buying it?! In my defense, there are so many "interesting" smells at thrift establishments and I guess I just couldn't detect it from the eau de mothball that permanently wafts through their airspace.

We have tried the whole baking soda/vacuum trick, febreezing it, and even had it professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaning service. No such luck. The odor has weakened, but it's still there and I'm starting think it's a lost cause.

Do you, dear reader, have any suggestions? We are not above rolling up our sleeves and scrubbing the thing to death! I would be so very happy if we could save the poor thing.


A woeful rug owner


  1. Professional rug cleaning companies have special processes specifically for dealing with pet odors - did your cleaners offer this service?

  2. Can you bring it out on a sunny day? Worth a shot and it's free!

  3. try Borax instead of baking soda. hope you're able to revive it!

  4. BUMOUT. this is why i'm terrified of buying lots of things via thrift stores. you don't know where it's been... it is really beautiful! best of luck getting out the stank. so excited that you're going to be a mom!!


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