Peachy Keen, Keen on Peach

Peach has long been a favorite color of mine, so, needless to say, I'm pretty pleased variations of it are everywhere this spring/summer from sundresses to lipgloss. I also happen to live in the land of Peaches. Do I eat Georgia peaches frequently, you might ask? No, in fact I'm not so sure I've even had an honest-to-goodness Georgia peach while I lived here. I do, however, drive on multiple roads each week that all have the word Peach or Peachtree in them. That should give me some peach cred, no?

The wedding world has most certainly taken hold of the peach craze and I am only too happy to roll with it in my invitation designs. Here's a new one I've made called the Festivity Invite, printed on eco-white linen paper with papaya and gravel grey detailing and as with all my designs, the signature deep V, European style Envelope. The Festivity Invitation suite can be purchased here, in my shop.

The magazines you see pictured are for business research purposes and completely tax-write-offable. Love it when I can build the "work" of staying current into my routine! Check out a few more shots of the invites and a sneaky addition to the mix-- my sweet Collin-boy who has just turned 8 months and is on the verge of full-out crawling. I really do need to work on baby proofing a few more areas of the house. Mobility is a fast approaching, unstoppable train! 

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