The Benefits of Standing Desks, Pt. 2- My Sit-Stand Workstation

I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Labor Day weekend. Atlanta was cloudy for a change, but I don't mind it. It puts me in the mood for fall. If you read my last post, you are, by now, most assuredly convinced of the benefits of standing workstations. I'm making good on my promise and revealing my new sit-stand workstation-- an Ikea hack and upcycling project that is tres simple!

So, I made a trek to Ikea and purchased two of these bar tables. They are 27 inches tall, made 100% hardwood and extra sturdy.

I know it's a standing desk, but it would be unrealistic of me to have no seating options. So, I also purchased this bar stool. Sometimes you just need a break. I have been working at my desk for a few days now and I would say I spend around 60% of the time standing, 40% sitting. Much better than 100% sitting at my old desk. Be sure, if you end up getting this stool, to purchase the 29 inch option. Thankfully I had a number, and by number I mean many, unopened lamp kits to return from my lamp making days, knocking a substantial chunk off my total price. Sweet!
Then, using an old, beat up 7ft. door, we (meaning my husband with some help from Collin) fashioned a table top.

 He routed the edges of the door to give it a smoother and more tabletop-ish (not a word) feel.

Et voila!

The biggest challenge was moving it up the stairs, seeing as how this table top is a total beast. We have yet to attach it to the bar tables with screws and may do so in the future, but we tried 8 million ways to shake this thing loose off the bases (bar tables) and it does not budge. If you are not using a former fire door (like we did), you'll want to make sure and screw the bar tables to the door. If you happen to find an old door with some dimension (i.e. the indented squares which I have no fancy name for), getting a piece of glass cut in the same size will give you more ease of use and style-- allowing for snapshots, postcards and other artful ephemera to be displayed under the glass.

I absolutely love having a desk at which I can A). Both stand and sit at comfortably, B). Spread out projects with extra space for inspirational collections (see below), and C). under which I can store shipping boxes and Collin's toys, making the office less cluttered overall.

A special shout out to Charleston, SC based Rewined Candles, purveyors of the pictured, deliciously fragrant upcycled wine bottle candles. I am loving mine! Wedding and event packages are available if you are in the market for a larger quantities. Check them out!

POST SCRIPT: I forgot to mention that we did some research on ergonomically correct angles for the standing desk. Be sure your standing work desk allows you to comfortably type with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. You may even need to raise your computer screen up a bit so that it is at eye level.


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