Toddler-Proofing Your Christmas Decor

Dear Reader,

Last Christmas Collin was a cherubic three months old, only too happy to sit in his bouncy seat and admire the tree's twinkly lights.

Christmas 2011- Nick, Collin and our 6ft Fraser Fir, all ready to get blinged out.

Last year's tree in all its glory

This year, he will be 15 months old. Need I say more? We have to be extra mindful of where we put candles, bowls of ornaments, stockings, garlands, Poinsettias (my auto-correct was trying to change this to "pantsuits") and anything else low-lying that could be of interest to our little explorer.

We don't over-baby proof our house. Obviously all the dangerous areas (outlets, chemicals, stairs) are kept locked and inaccessible to him, but through repetition and reinforcemnt, we try to teach him what is "for Collin" and what is "not for Collin." Lately the "no-no" list seems insanely long and the thought of adding a tree to the litany of off-limits and ever-so-tempting stumbling blocks sounds exhausting right now.

I was resigning myself to putting the majority of our ornaments at the top of the tree when it occurred to me-- We could do a table-top tree this year!

Now I'm actually excited to start decorating within my new parameters. Check out these examples of table top trees. They are just as pretty as full-sized trees and I'm looking forward to working with my smoking hott, handyman husband to rig up a stand for our fresh tree within a basket or galvanized bucket (preventing tiny hands from yanking on tree skirts). We'll see how it goes! If anyone has ever done a tree in a basket or bucket, I'd appreciate your ideas on how to keep it hydrated and sturdy.

Now that the tree plan is on paper, my imagination is having a field day thinking of framing our living room/dining room archway in fresh cedar garland (hung out of reach from little hands). I can just smell it now!



P.S. If your nativity scene is breakable, check out Lesly's DIY version here. A great way for little ones to learn the Christmas story through play!

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